VTU Results BE – B.Tech – B.Arch Released at VTU University

Are you looking for VTU Results for B.E. programs? Yes, you are in the right place because here you can find recent results. You will find here VTU Results released in 2020 to check Semester Exams of B.E. and B. Arch with Fast revolutions results.

The Vineshvaray Technology University (VTU) has released the quick VTU result Degree Non- CBCS & UG CBCS result in 2020. A student who has given exams of his relevant courses and finished their exams successfully can see their result on VTU Result 2020.

VTU Results BE

Students have to check the vtu4u result from this website by inserting their details. Students can access to download directly VTU result 2020 from the attached link at the bottom of the page for aspirants.


The step to check VTU results

You have to visit our website to search for your result. For checking your result you need to follow the following steps:

  • Search for the link to the result of every single exam on the home page which you navigated.
  • Once when you find out the link of the VTU B.E. Semester wise result of the exam, you can click it.
  • You will require inserting the USN code.
  • After this, you should have to insert the captcha code.
  • In the end, you will find your result on the screen.
  • It’s upon you if you want to save this result for your references for upcoming exams.

Details of Visversvaraya Technological University Result (VTU Results) 2020:

  • VTU results in 2020 have details that are given following.
  • Name of the University.
  • Program name
  • Name of examination
  • Name of the student
  • USN
  • Semester
  • Subject code
  • subject name
  • Internal marks
  • External marks
  • Total
  • Result
  • Total marks
  • Signature of the registrar

VTU Revaluation Results

Candidates who are not satisfied with their results can contact their relevant department to improve or recheck. You will find a proper process of dissatisfaction of development by filling the exam branch’s application form. You might find a little amount to be paid for applying the blow of your results.

BE Program Results:

If you are looking forward to checking your result for the B.E., you can find products here with an easy method. In the same way, you can find the latest developments for your B.E. and the relevant department.

How to check vtu results? You need to provide the significant subjects and your batch you are enrolled in. It is also essential to provide your department or technology details like a student of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, or any other department.

VTU Results BE: The students of B.E. electronics and communications engineering can find here their latest results for all batches. As mentioned above, they need to provide the details, which include Department or technology name, Roll number, year of studies, or batch in which you are enrolled and click on search you will find your latest results announced. The main point here to clear is that the VTU results of every batch and year are mentioned. You need to find the details by selecting your department, Electronics, and Communications Engineering (ECE).

VTU Civil Engineering Results: The students of Civil Engineering can easily visit here to check their latest results. They have to put their necessary information, which includes the name of technology put civil in that box, your Exam Roll Number, and batch or year of studies. After putting this, you need to click on the search to view your VTU results. You need to select your department, which is Civil Engineering, and move forward to complete the investigation.

VTU Mechanical Results: The students of Mechanical Engineering can search for their latest VTU results here. The latest products of every batch or students of 1st to final year are available here. As mentioned, students must put the required information, which is the name of the primary subject or department, your latest examination roll number, and year of studies like 1st year or 3rd year, and click on the search. You will find your latest result there without any issue. Keep in mind you need to put the correct requirements mentioned before. If you do not see, you need to check out the information provided. Here you can find the VTU results for the students of every year or every batch, including failures and improvers.

VTU Aerospace Engineering: Similarly, students of Aerospace Engineering looking for their latest results can visit us to find their relevant results as per their batch or year. They need to fill the box with their technology, Aerospace Engineering, fill other containers and click on the search button. Immediately you will be viewed your result. It is essential to mention your batch or year like 1st year, 2nd year, etc. along with the latest examination result. Above mentioned is the easy way of finding VTU results of every batch by saying the batch properly, such as 19AE103.


1.When will VTU announce the next results?

VTU announced the latest results for the B.E. programs on the 26th of March 2020.

2.How to improve Results in VTU?

You can improve your result by using standard textbooks for the studies and the preparation of semester exams. The standard textbook will help you because all questions can be found in these books.

3.How can I apply for the rechecking of results in VTU?

It is easy; you need to apply for it by filling the online form. You can also fill that form in photocopy form. Availability in photocopy and online form filling is helpful for students of the B.E. program of the VTU.

4.What is the fee for the rechecking process in VTU?

The fee for the rechecking known as Revaluation varies 1st year, 2nd year, and so on. The fees for undergraduate students and postgraduates differ. The fee for the B.E. programs is 400 per subject along with a 300 fee for photocopy application. These fees include 20 INR additional for each candidate.

5.How to apply for Pass Certificate in VTU?

Fill the online form and print it along with online payment. Write an application on A4 paper and submit it. Soon you will receive your certificates.

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