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Are you waiting for VTU Results? VTU results are declared online on the official website. Results of even semesters, exams are held in the month May/June and now the results of 2,4,6,8 semesters have been declared by VTU.

Result announced on the VTU website is provisional; the university will generate detailed marks sheets sooner for all of the students. Now you can download your provisional scorecard from the official website i.e., results.vtu.ac.in and Total Credit Points, CGPA, and other remarks can be checked now provisionally from the website.

VTU Results

Here we will provide you with the complete detail about the examination system of VTU and the results announcement details. VTU results are now announced.

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Moreover, VTU revaluation results, VTU CBCS/non-CBCS results are now also declared by the university. To know more about VTU results, read the complete article below.

Having trouble finding your result? We are here to make things easy for you.

Following are the key points to learn in this article

  • About VTU
  • Courses offered at VTU
  • Examination at VTU
  • VTU Results 2020
  • VTU Results Online
  • Fast VTU Results
  • Past VTU Results
  • Revaluation of Exam
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

About VTU

Before knowing about VTU results, we must have a clear site of Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), general history and, the educational structure of VTU.

Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) is one of India’s well-reputed institutes in the field of Engineering and Technology with more than 20 years of educational service.

Now expanding the chain to about 219 affiliated colleges and 35 Undergraduate and 94 Graduate programs. Additionally, the university has about 13 Quality Improvement Program Centers in different Affiliated Colleges. Almost 16 extension centers are also present for Postgraduate Students.

Visvesvaraya Technological University which is previously written as Visveswaraiah Technological University was established by the State Government of Karnataka. Now more than 4 lac students in different Engineering degree programs study under the name of VTU.

Courses offered at VTU

Undergraduate programs (UG) that are offered in VTU are following

  • Architecture
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical / Polymer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering

Postgraduate Programs (PG) offered in English in VTU are following

  • Chemical Engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • MCA
  • MBS
  • IT engineering
  • IP engineering

Examinations at VTU

The exam time table is now released for both UG and PG degree programs containing MTech, March, ME, BE, BArch, BTech, BSc, MSc, MPhil, BCA, MCA, BBA, MBA, Ph.D., etc. Exams of all of these degree programs were successfully organized by VTU and now students are waiting for VTU results, detail will be provided here.

VTU exams are based on the semester system.  As the result, exams are generally organized in six months.  For even semesters, exams are conducted during June/July and for odd semesters; exams are organized in Nov/Dec. Each subject carries a maximum of 100 marks.

Students who fulfill all the requirements are allowed to register in the examination with a generalized method and then generated with a slip to sit in the examination. After successful conduction of exams, VTU results are announced. VTU results in 2020 are now announced.

According to a notice issued on 16th September by Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), the student of both under-graduation and Post-graduation who wiling for re-admission on the season 2020-21 are directed to submit their applications within 10 days, after the announcement of results.

Proper format and instructions are given by the university in this regard with a clear announcement that the applications submitted after the given time shall not be entertained.

VTU Results 2020

Hi candidates, we have good news for all of you, we want to inform all candidates of the VTU results of BE/B.Tech CBCS, MBA/M.Tech CBCS, B.Arch. CBCS, M.Arch. CBCS of all semesters including VTU 3rd semester result has been announced.

The wait is over now You can check the result by providing the information related to you i.e., name and roll number. Additionally, the university has about 13 Quality Improvement Program Centers in different Affiliated Colleges.

As exams of VTU CBCS and VTU Non-CBCS for BE/B.Tech had conducted during Nov/Dec, now students can check the results on the main portal.

As all VTU results are announced now the university will soon upload VTU Reval results.

VTU revaluation result of 5th and 6th semester of B.E/B.Tech (non-CBCS and CBCS) has also been announced for all of the regions. Those students who have completed their course work with the minimum required attendance and appeared in the VTU examination can now check their results.

Total credit, remarks either fail or pas as well as credit points can be checked by VTU results. Additionally, a detailed mark sheet will be issued by the university to all students.

Grading System of VTU

An absolute grading system was adopted by VTU. In this university, the result of the semester is declared with a semester grade point average (SGPA) as well as also contains a cumulative grade point average (CGPA).

Here everyone can convert the marks into grades while the CPGA of any semester is calculated excluding 1st semester.

Those students will be considered to fail who get grade F in exams and allowed to re-conduct the exam. After passing the exam they are awarded grade E.

To convert CGPA into percentage you can multiply the cumulative semester grade point average (CGPA) by 9.5, as a result, your CGPA is converted into your percentage.

Requirements to Check VTU Results

When you were checking your VTU result everyone must verify that the details mentioned here either correct or not. These details include the following points

  • Name of Candidate
  • USN of Candidate
  • Semester number
  • Subject and Their code
  • Total credit hours
  • Grade points
  • Remarks
  • Semester grade point average (SGPA)

Criteria of Promotion

Does VTU promote all students? Only those students are promoted that are qualified and declared as pass who secure minimum passing marks. However, by considering university regulations students are promoted to the next semester while those who fail in the exam can clear it in next semester exam.

How to check VTU Result

Results are now available at the official website of Visvesvaraya Technological University ( vtu.ac.in). VTU results from 2019 and other past VTU results can also be checked by the same procedure. The fastest VTU results can be easily checked if you follow the following steps. Detailed procedure to check VTU result is as follow;

Step 1:

First of all, you are required to visit the official website of Visvesvaraya Technological University. The official webpage to check VTU results. Then the official VTU page will be displayed.

Step 2:

Now u can search for the individual exam result link on the display page

Step 3:

Select for VTU CBCS results or VTU non-CBCS results from the list of the given results. You can also go for the link to different degree program results.

Step 4:

Then the webpage will ask you to enter your USN code. And then press the submit button.

Step 5:

Candidates must enter the Captcha Code to proceed further.

Step 6:

Now your VTU result will be displayed on the screen. You can also download or save the result for future use.

VTU Results Online

Best and latest results shall be provided on VTU Results Online. You can check the results of all the semesters from VTU Results Online rather than reading a newspaper or anything else.

Fast VTU Results

To solve the problems of students from Karnataka we have introduced a system of fast VTU results.  Here the information regarding VTU is provided as fast as possible.

To get the latest information faster than other students you must visit our home page on daily basis and get the latest update regarding VTU results on time.

You can get your fast VTU result either online via results.vtu.ac.in. or by sending the message on 5424204 having your result USN and mail id.

Past VTU Results

Haven’t you checked your past VTU result? In past VTU results, VTU 2018 and VTU 2019 results will be discussed in this article

VTU 2018 results

Now the result of the examination which was held at VTU in June and July 2018 was declared. 1st and 2nd-semester results were announced on 28th July, after a long wait.

There was a little bit of delay in the announcement of some results during that session, but now the results of all courses were announced till 31st July 2018.

You can check your previous VTU result 2018 by logging in into the (results.vtu.ac.in) and you find your result there will be a piece of cake if you follow our above-mentioned steps.

VTU 2019 Results

Result of VTU 2019 out Result of 7th and 8th and other semesters was announced during July 2019. Students who have appeared in the examination at VTU can now check their results. University has also announced VTU results for CBCS and non-CBCS on July 28, 2019.

Moreover, the results of the other semesters were also announced in Dec 2019. Results are still present on the VTU official website.

Additionally, the VTU revaluation result of both the even and odd semesters is also have been announced by the university. So, go check your detailed VTU result.

Revaluation of Exam

Those students who are not satisfied with their VTU results can apply for revaluation of paper within a due date given by the university. VTU allows the eligible students to have a right for the revaluation of the exam sheet.

A Proper deadline is announced by the university for the revaluation of the exams. Willing students are directed to submit their revaluation form online before the given deadline by the university. After proper revaluation, VTU revaluation results are announced.

The process of revaluation is helpful for students who didn’t perform well in exams as well as for those who failed in it. The revaluation form can be filled online as well as offline.

Most students choose the offline method because the chances of errors are reduced. The following steps are followed for offline filing of the form.

  • The first step is to visit the institute.
  • Then go to the notice board and read the circular regarding revaluation.
  • Now pay the application and revaluation fee.
  • Fill revaluation form that includes your Name, USN, and Challan number.
  • Either the form is posted to VTU directly or submitted to the college authority.

Revaluation Fee

The revaluation fee for UG is Rs/- 400 per subject, Rs/- 300 per subject for photocopy, and Rs/- 20 is the application fee charged per student.

While revaluation fee for PG is Rs/- 3000 per subject and Rs/- 20 is the application fee per student.

Students are instructed to pay a fee according to college instructions.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.How can we check previous semester VTU results online?

To get VTU old semester results first go on the VTU home page, here you find the examination section and open the results option. Now the results option was fund on two different sides.

By clicking on the left side, you will get the latest results while on the right side you will get your old semester results.

You can search your old semester result by clicking on VTU fast results.

2.What are the distinction marks in VTU exams?

The average score of the VTU result is calculated out of 100. In VTU the distinction marks are above 70. It ranges from almost 70-100 and is awarded as First Class Distinction (FCD).

The score that is in the range of 60-69 they are awarded as First Class (FC).

While the score that is between 35-59 awarded as Second Class (SC).

3.Why VTU results are not Opening?

Sometimes, the site is down due to heavy traffic on it, or maybe it is due to the repairing and maintains of the webpage. So as the result, the VTU results page may not be opened, or it shows some kind of error.

Wait for some time, it’s a temporary problem, the page will shortly be resumed for sure.

4.How can we download the VTU result?

Yes, you can download or save the VTU result future purposes.

Firstly, you are required to visit VTU official website (vtu.ac.in). Secondly, enter your USN and captcha code to view your VTU result. After, that you will be able to download/save your VTU result. But keep in mind, that result which you have downloaded will be provisional.

5.Can we get the lost VTU marks card?

Yes, you can get your lost VTU card.

You can get your duplicate result card by filling the form that is issued to request it. After this, you pay the demand fee and they will give you the date on which you can collect your duplicate result card.

6.What is the VTU scheme regarding CBCS?

As the CBCS is the short form of the Choice Based Credit System. This scheme provides students to select courses of their own choice from the list of offered courses. Students of CBCS have the right to opt for their courses depending upon their own choice.

7.What if someone is failed in internal? Can he/she be eligible for Externals?

Yes, if someone is failed in the internal exams, he or she is still eligible to sit in external exams by the university. But you are required to get at least 50 marks in the external examination if your score at internal is zero.

8.Marks get increased or decreased as a result of evaluation?

It’s totally up to the performance at your exams. Marks may get increased or also can get decreased after revaluation. But most of the cases marks after revaluation remain the same. If you have a sure case in your exam, definitely go for revaluation.

However, you have to accept the revaluation result, whatever it is, as it is final.

9.Can I get VTU results by SMS?

Yes, you can get your VTU result by a text msg. For that purpose, you just need to send a text message to 5424204. That text message must consist of your USN and mail ID. University will send your result to your mobile phone via message.

10.Are VTU revaluation results of the year 2020 released?

Yes, VTU revaluation results for the year 2020 are released on the official website. University has announced the revaluation result of both odd and even semesters in June 2020. Students of different Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs can now check their VTU revaluation results.


Above mention information will surely help you to find and check your VTU result. After reading this article, you are any kind of trouble in finding your VTU result (past VTU results of 2018 and 2019). Or you want to have sight of Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), its examination system must be removed till now.

VTU results are out now, for all of the degree programs including BE/B.Tech CBCS, MBA/M.Tech CBCS, B.Arch. CBCS, M.Arch, CBCS of all semesters.  You can also check your past VTU results in the same way as mentioned above in this article.

We have guided you completely about checking your VTU result. Now it is up to you, either you can check your result from VTU official website for which the complete procedure is provided above. You can also check the fast VTU result by texting a message to 5424204 including USN and mail ID.

This page will always help you to assist with problems regarding VTU results. Latest updates will be provided here as soon as they are dispatched from the university administration. So, keep in touch with us to stay up to date regarding your VTU result. So, keep visiting our page for more and the latest updates.

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